If you are looking for something really different for your stay in Peru, then your best option is the Boutique Hotels in Lima. Well, your main goal is to overcome all your travel expectations.


Unlike the large hotel chains, these are located far from the standard group type in terms of accommodation, both in its infrastructure and in the service they provide. They show the luxury they have in their different environments and their exclusivity with the guest.


If you are looking to feel at home, then these Boutique Hotels are for you, as they offer you a personalized service (looking to cover all your needs) and a warm atmosphere throughout your stay. Do not be surprised if the staff knows your name and calls you for this throughout the dates you have planned to stay in the hotel, the idea is that as a guest you feel special and enjoy a unique experience in these luxury holiday villas.


Generally, these types of hotels are located in the big cities, surrounded by several tourist destinations and with a rather interesting nightlife, since usually they are attended to people whose age oscillates between the 20 and 50 years.


Most have no more than 30 bedrooms and the best part is that they are all different. That’s right, it has a variety of themed rooms which can afford to choose the one that best suits your own tastes.


If you belong to a transnational or local company, if you are a political figure, perhaps an artist or a tourist purely leisure, even business, then you are the perfect guest for this type of Boutique Hotels. It is true that these types of hotels are quite exclusive; However, they have their warm and luxurious doors open to all.