All About Motor Yachts

Motor yachts – the most luxurious and expensive as the cost of leasing ships compared with other types of yachts. These afroudakis, where “fast ride” will bring you a pleasure, have a strong preference over the other yachts.

Advantages Of Motor Yachts:


The first thing to note is that they are able to travel long distances in a short time at a sufficiently high speed. Therefore, if you are not a fan quietly and slowly to sail, the motor yachts created just for your pleasure.

These fast-moving ships are due to the engine. So, modern motor yacht is able to develop its speed of up to 40 nautical miles per hour (for reference: 1 mile equals 1.82 kilometers). For comparison, sailing yachts are able to move no faster than ten miles per hour.S


Another distinguishing feature of these great ships is that they are usually equipped with stabilizers – special mechanisms by which reduces the amplitude of the boat during the stroke and prevent motion sickness passengers on board. This is a big plus for their comfort and excellent health tourists.

You can be absolutely sure not to worry, that the sea pitching will bring you moments of discomfort. Feel free to rely on the work of regulators, and you do not seasick.


Motor yachts still beautiful and the fact that in their design, they are significantly different from sailing yachts, as they are usually designed for the customer. Vessels are built of modern high-quality materials.

The housing is made of lightweight plastic, which is little susceptible to mechanical damage. Decks coated perfumed without rotting from moisture teak. The interior trim made of mahogany.

Rental of greece yacht charters is carried out with a qualified crew, which ensures your security and provides excellent service.

Motor yacht can be ordered at any level , from a small length, inexpensive to elite luxury yachts all over the world, where geographical conditions make it possible to navigate on skorohodnymi courts.

All Your Wishes Will Be Carried Out In Accordance With Your Order:

  • yacht model
  • yachts and passenger
  • the presence in it of air conditioning and other equipment
  • level of service, etc.

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